Education and Career Compass - a device used to tell direction
Students, Academic Institutions, Employers and Workforce Development Organizations

The platform for students & learners who are seeking to Discover, Explore & Develop education and career pathways.

  • Functions and features specifically designed for learners from the military community – active duty, veterans, reserve, family, etc.


An always-on lifecycle resource for students and learners to discover, explore and develop education and career pathways to reinvent their future.

Connects students and learners to accredited academic institutions and employers to build Pathways to Success.

Provides Workforce Development organizations a platform for regional workforce development via investing in collaboration between industry and academia to credential, train and place job seekers.


Discover, Explore & Develop Your Future.



Your experience, education, credentials, etc. via My Story by documenting professional, academic and personal accomplishments and significant events. Military learners can use their Joint Services Transcript (JST) to jumpstart My Story as a chronicle of military experience and prior academic learning.

The interconnect between Career and Education pathways related to your prior Civilian or Military education, experience, training or other professional interests. Get an estimate of college credits for your prior experience and education, including military experience and training; assess academic programs and in-depth information on careers; etc.





Your future by using your college credits and other education benefits to get a degree for the career you want - review credit requirements of degree and certificate programs at academic institutions, review how those credits for prior learning and experience apply to accelerate degree completion, contact an advisor and get started.

Your career - convert My Story into a resume; search for Careers that match your civilian or military specialty or interest; Connect to Employers and available Jobs in your selected career.



Academic   Institutions

Inform, Engage & Guide Current and Future Students.



Empower learners and students, looking to make decisions, with an "always-on" set of tools and information to discover and explore best-fit education pathways for a career; maximize credits for prior learning including civilian or military experience; identify options for paying for college; etc.

Provide self-help tools to estimate credits for prior learning and experience to accelerate degree completion; provide improved cost estimates and options to pay for college; and finally explore careers, jobs and earning potential.





Enable students to access and engage in virtual one-on-one dialog with advisors to enable informed decision making; make it easy for advisors to provide information and dialog with learners and students to guide decision making and navigate processes.


Provide a set of tools for current students to stay engaged in career development; enable partnerships and visibility with employers; remain connected as alumni and encourage them to return and further advance and evolve their education and careers.




Partner, Connect & Recruit and Develop Talent.



Connect with qualified candidates for your current and future talent needs; proactively search for and reach out to students and job seekers pursuing career and education pathways of interest to your company; create a pipeline of talent.

Post and manage your open positions; recruit and hire talent; match your needs to candidates from the civilian and military community; increase your visibility to job seekers with a military background by specifying military specialties that match your needs.





Enlist academic institutions to enable continued professional development and training for your existing workforce; inform and support developing courses and credentials for your future needs.

Partner with workforce development boards and academic institutions to highlight pathways to careers in your industry; collaborate with academic institutions to shape and create programs for your industry.



Workforce   Development   Organizations

Coordinate, Collaborate and Partner to Meet Mission Goals.

Coordinate local and regional stakeholders, resources and initiatives to increase employment; create consortia of regional employers to use the Job Seeker/Employer functions of the platform.

Coordiante stakeholders


collaborate between interested parties


Encourage collaboration between industry, the public sector and education institutions; provide a conduit for stakeholders to discuss and implement workforce development strategies.

Partner with academic institutions, employers and public sector organizations to develop workforce strategies.





Develop credentials, programs and pathways to careers for improving employment; shape and encourage education and professional development and training.

Education and Career Compass - a device used to tell direction

Bringing it all together to put YOU in control

We look forward to working with all stakeholders - Academic Institutions, Employers, Industry Groups, Workforce Development Organizations, others – who support students and learners to develop and strengthen our workforce.

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