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The Education and Career Compass (ECCompass) is a cloud-based, secure, customizable, SaaS platform, available for academic institutions, providing students with the tools they need to navigate their academic journey with confidence.

Current transfer and prior learning evaluation approaches suffer from many disconnects that make completing a college credential more challenging and more expensive for students. Institutions need to address these disconnects to provide Credit Mobility, so students receive credit for all prior learning, accumulated across multiple sources, in a uniform, transparent, and efficient manner, and optimally apply those credits to complete a post-secondary credential.

With ECCompass, students can identify, analyze, and make informed decisions to leverage their prior learning effectively, unlocking pathways to academic and career success. To learn more about our platform, download our Brochure or the Credit Mobility Presentation we created for the 2024 NISTS Transfer Conference!
Our Solution | Attract
Provide a platform for institutions to attract new students from the learner population they serve.
Transfer Students
Forward Transfers from 2-year colleges to a 4-year institution.
Reverse Transfers from a 4-year institution to a 2-year college.
Lateral Transfers within the same institution level due to moving, alignment of institution, curricular expectations, etc.
Swirlers are students who take courses from multiple institutions
First Time in College
High school students entering college or dual enrollment students.
Adult Learners
Adult learners looking to leverage prior learning, experience and industry certifications and licensure to get a college degree or re-entering college to upskill or re-skill.
Military Affiliated
Veterans, active-duty Service members or family members.
Our Solution | Inform
Students can make informed decisions that align with their goals via tools and information to identify and analyze options that maximize their credits and affordability.
Build a profile and portfolio of their prior learning (courses, training, examinations), industry certifications, work experience, military training and experience, etc.
Search program and course catalogs of participating institutions. All program and course information is displayed using uniform data elements and format to make it easy to review them across institutions.
  • Find transfer equivalencies for current or planned course completions.
  • Find majors aligned with the current program.
  • Get recommendations for courses to maximize transfer.
  • Find courses at participating institutions that will transfer to a specific course.
Evaluate their prior college level learning (courses and exams), military experience, industry credentials, or other applicable credentials for college credit at any participating institution.
Apply those credits to programs of study for an audit that clearly shows the program credit requirements that are satisfied. Get estimates of time and cost to complete to evaluate affordability and effective use of credits.
Review program details including 'advisory' information that will help them determine alignment of a program with their background and goals.
Align education and careers by identifying careers based on their Holland code interest profile, and then select programs at participating institutions that prepare them for those careers.
Our Solution | Engage
Institutions connect and engage pro-actively with students to help make informed decisions.
Students can send a request to connect with participating institutions to engage and seek additional information, advice, clarifications, etc. at any stage of their decision-making process.
Institutions can manage and assign requests to appropriate staff to respond.
  • Assigned staff can establish a communications channel within the platform.
  • Staff assigned to a student request also have access to their portfolio to guide them in their interactions.
Use reports to track engagement as well as user activity.
Publish events relevant to students, such as transfer fairs, transfer visits, campus visits, etc.
Our Services
We provide full life-cycle support from project initiation to deployment, and then on-going operations and management of the platform. We will work closely and collaboratively with your team on all aspects of the project.
Configuration and customization of the platform.
  • Implementing the desired web identity, i.e., the look of the platform.
  • Customized development or integrations.
Data Collection
  • Assisting and advising participating institutions as they collect the required data.
  • Loading data and content.
  • Sustainability plans that include periodic and on-demand data updates to maintain information currency.
Monitoring and managing operations of the platform within agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Technical support for users.
Install feature and maintenance updates to the platform.
Success Stories
Please, let our valued customers tell you how they feel about our platform.

Transfer Virginia is a collaboration among the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and Virginia's colleges and universities to provide students with transparency in college transfer across the Commonwealth.

"The colleges and universities in Virginia are making great strides in creating strong transfer opportunities for students. The Transfer Virginia portal eliminates a 50-year-old information equity gap for the two-year students in Virginia. The portal provides the students the ability to research, compare, and explore transfer opportunities for over 50 of the Commonwealth's colleges and universities. Students find clear, consistent, and student-friendly messaging throughout the portal as well as direct connections to college and university staff and advisors. This is a huge win for Virginia's students and institutions!"

Patricia M. Parker, Director, Transfer Virginia

"WOW! I stand amazed at the incredible amount of information at our disposal now, which eliminates the countless hours of trying to adequately navigate the 4-years’ websites! It’s an incredible tool."

Jennifer Hollyfield
Chief Transfer Officer/SSS Coach, Patrick & Henry Community College

We know learning doesn't always take place in the classroom, but did you know that your military or civilian work experience could lead to college credit? Find out how credit for prior learning could take you even closer to a degree and a rewarding career.

"Virginia's Community College System Credits2Careers Portal is incredibly valuable for adult learners looking to go back school in the most efficient way. With the alignment of the sister-portal, Transfer Virginia, we have made it seamless for our colleges to upload information for two portals through one back-end process. This allows for our portals to be simultaneously maintained while providing consistent information."

Emily Jones-Green, Coordinator, Credit for Prior Learning
Virginia's Community Colleges - System Office

"I have been around long enough to see the career wheel and to see the academic wheel. But this portal brings together those two worlds and elevates them to a whole new level! This is incredible."

D. Donnell Smith
Academic Advisor, Northern Virginia Community College

The Team

The EC Compass team consists of a highly experienced and cohesive team of technology professionals that have passionately focused on developing, deploying, and supporting technology solutions for clients in post-secondary education for well over 15 years.

We are a group of seasoned professionals that has continuously worked as a team for the entire 15 years. Our depth and breadth of experience – individually and as a team –in a range of technologies and industry sectors, allows us to be pragmatic and technology agnostic. We are experienced in state-of-the-art architectural practices such as Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), REST, Web Service Development, etc.; design practices; development methodologies; and systems operations and support.

Our technology experience, knowledge of the higher education space, and passion for delivering solutions that meet our client’s needs is reflected in the EC Compass platform, the attention we devote to each of our clients throughout the project lifecycle and in our customer service.

"Building a portal that serves an entire State requires strong collaboration between the project management, the colleges and university teams, and the portal builders. The support, passion, and dedication of the Education and Career Compass (EC Compass) Team has created a culture of true collaboration and commitment to teamwork. What drives them the most is that they CARE! They care about us as people, and they care about serving our students - it shows in all they do every single day."

Patricia M. Parker, Director, Transfer Virginia


"The EC Compass team has been an incredible partner. While I came into the project shortly before launch, I was able to share my vision and have it implemented very quickly. I appreciate the expertise and knowledge the EC Compass team has imparted throughout the project, and the time dedicated to user testing and data reliability. The feedback from our colleges on the Credits2Careers Portal has been overwhelmingly positive and we are so excited to see how the enhancements will be beneficial to a wider audience of adult learners."

Emily Jones-Green, Coordinator, Credit for Prior Learning
Virginia's Community Colleges - System Office

Education and Career Compass Team
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